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Hey there....

We are Mikki and Q. We are Artistpreneurs, EcoFarmers, Creators, Dreamers and Digital Nomads.
Our base is on Ibiza, where we met each other
and started to dream and work together.
We want to share our story and our journey,
how we create our business and our dream life.
Let it be an inspiration for yourself,
as we can live our life really as we want,
you are able to do the same.
We discovered a lot of useful tools
for deep personal transformation and
studied and researched many different approaches
for the new movement of the future of work.
All our knowledge we are sharing with you on all our different platforms. We are here to empower you and to profit from our years of research,
so that you can also start to create and design your life!
The life you really deserve
and that makes you self-sustainable, creative and satisfied.
We want to share our creativity, music and LOVE.


The first step to change is to go within. You are your own teacher but sometimes you need the road-map. The signature course, 21 Days to Self Love, serves as a map with tools, activities, and community. You are powerful and can live the life of your dreams, beginning now.


Books + Cards

Shop the Yes Wow library of Self Love books and tarot cards to set yourself up for a bright, beautiful, positive day!


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