Selflove through Creativity

"Tap into Your own Source"


"You are the Masterpiece and the work in Progress..."


Do you want to love yourself unconditionally?

Do you want to live the life of your absolute dreams?!

Do you wanna feel good?!

You deserve it!


About the Course

If you are an Artist, Therapist, Teacher, Coach or Parent...

a Traveler, a Seeker, a Yogi,

how ever your path might bee...

This course will initiate such a wonderful and tender process in you,

shift your perspectives that will accelerate your healing journey,

evolve your work and

inspire your fire - your purpose and passion.

It is a self healing course for anybody, who tried many things already

and also for those, who just feel something is going on

and they want to go deeper....




This Course will help you


create REAL POSITIVE SHIFTS in your well-being, relationships & professional life

discover the most important relationship of your Life with yourself and your Spirit

trust your intuitive power to guide you to your deepest purpose and live a Life of Creativity

be grounded, secure and self-honouring

Come with me on this journey and lets create together a Blueprint from which you can navigate any challenges...


A Self Love Journey

21 days is the symbolic number for the time we need to implement a new habit...

After these 21 days you will have for sure a suitcase full with magic tools, you will have created a fertile ground for seeds of trust, believe, patience. You will know, how to face your fears and talk more gentle with yourself.

You will be guided by your intuition and connected to your own source of creativity.

This collage is born from my own transformative journey, taught to women around the world and now I share it  in these special times with you.

Included in the course


  • 21 daily videos created and narrated by author and teacher Mikki Funk, you can watche them one day after the other or at your own pace...
  • 21 daily audios for your inspiration
  • 21 daily short baby steps to put your love into action
  • Yes Wow Work & Play Book  to download each daily module

"The 21 Days to Self Love Course was like having Birthday and Christmas at the same time.

21 times I would be surprised.

It hid wonderful pearls, many new insights that enriched my everyday life and the relationship with myself.

It is great, that people all over the world can discover these pearls for themselves. Thank you very much!"

-Stefanie, Writer and Coach

You can start your journey right away and dive deep into your source of abundance...


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Your best  life awaits

Join us for 21 days of inspirational content, guidance, activities, meditations, prompts, music, art and community. 

Mikki Funk

Artist, Author, Forrest Yoga Teacher and Medicine Woman

I welcome you to join me on this journey to cultivate the inner garden of Self Love.

I created the Yes Wow movement, first as a book, next as a deck of tarot cards and finally as a course.

The process is simple, you have to show up for yourself. 

Yes, Wow it is possible to live the life of your dreams.

Are you ready? 

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